January 3, 2011 to May 18, 2017


Environment: WebFOCUS 7.6 and 8.2, App Studio, Dev Studio, MRE, Oracle, 1010Data, HTML, Excel, PDF, Graphics…


  • Increased productivity by as much as 50% by mentoring less experienced developers in the use of the WebFOCUS Tools for application development.

  • Decreased project completion time by as much as 75% by developing reporting templates and implementing standards as the technical lead to conversion over 200 reports from BIRT and C++ to WebFOCUS 82.


  • Decreased development time and increased productivity by working with senior management and business users to complete and/or enhance several complex applications including the conversion of WebFOCUS 7 dashboards to WebFOCUS 8 Portals and during the creation of new WebFOCUS 8 portals.


  • Decreased processing time by as much as 80% for weekly and monthly reporting cycles by converting creating major applications from Oracle Reports to WebFOCUS.


  • These reporting cycles create and distribute over eighteen thousand store and org level reports in about 20 minutes.


  • Increased user acceptance of applications by creating advanced level reports and graphs with extensive parameter pages, reporting, and drilldowns capabilities.


  • Decreased issue analysis and resolution by creating and maintaining SDLC documentation for all aspects of design, development, testing, implementation, and Visio flow charts for several major projects.

Sr. WebFOCUS  Programmer/Analyst

The above image is a redacted sample of one of the 18,000+ compound weekly reports that were processed and delivered in less than twenty minutes.