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Fidelity Investments / Bank of America HR PR

Consulting for Information Builders

Two-month contract: Extended for Seven months - 2005


Project: Created HR analytics and graphs for integration into corporate web pages.


Environment: WebFOCUS 533, BI Dashboard, MRE, Report, SQL, HTML, MS Office, Intranet.


  • Worked with the client management and IT staff from various departments to gather the functional requirements and develop technical documentation from which the applications were developed.


  • Coordinated the design and development of several analytics and graphs for complete application integration.

  • Used advanced HTML techniques to integrate the applications into interactive corporate web pages.

  • Taught several training sessions to the departmental staff for WebFOCUS and HTML techniques and coding efficiencies, WebFOCUS reporting methodologies, and technical documentation.

  • This was my first contact after completing the two week WebFOCUS Boot Camp on-site at Information Builders Headquarters in New York City. I completed this at the top of the class.

WebFOCUS  Consulting

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