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WebFOCUS  Consulting

Software Engineer ~ WebFOCUS / BI Consultant

December 9, 2019 ~ March 20, 2020

Summary: Assist IT Team and Business Intelligence Users in completing tasks, from requirement concept to final implementation. This includes team representation, project estimation, design development, mentoring, standards development, troubleshooting, and support for production applications.

Main Achievements

• Created a Dynamic Synonym Creation Application to read the predefined history reports from the AWS S3 Cloud.

• Assisted the Fidelity Investment Team in completing BI tasks under the Agile development model.

​• Supported the Fidelity Investment Teams and Information Builders with the conversion of their existing physical architecture to the AWS S3 Cloud and upgrade to the most current release of WebFOCUS once that task is complete.

• Analyzed their BI Rich applications to match their Data-Rich environment in preparation for their Data Center Move.

​• Worked closely with Business and Technical teams to ensure all business requirements have been met their specifications. 

​• Enhanced my already proven track record of being able to plan, prioritize, estimate, and deliver projects on time.

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