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WebFOCUS  Consulting

First Data Merchant Services, November 2005 - September 2006, including five extensions
Consulting for Information Builders 


  • Worked with the client management and IT staff to design and develop reports and graphs using WebFOCUS Developer Studio GUI tools, MRE, and text editor for complex procedures. 


  • Designed and developed Dashboard for user access to the associated reports and graphs. 


  • Used advanced techniques to display multiple charts and reports, with multi level drilldowns, within dashboard pages. 


  • Worked with the development team to administer MRE domains, users, groups, and dashboard personalization. 


  • Co-taught several training sessions on BI Dashboard, MRE administration, WF reporting, and HTML techniques. 


  • Used WebFOCUS efficiency techniques to leverage RDBMS processing. 

FDMS First Data Merchant Services
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