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August 2009 - December 2009. I moved immediately to Ford Motor Company after this.


  • Decreased project timeline and application accuracy for a project to convert reports from Business Objects to WebFOCUS in support of driving forward BI reporting analytics.


  • Improved the development efforts by analyzing the pre-existing reports and testing the new WebFOCUS reports.

  • Improved the user experience by creating new dashboard applications, simplified parameter pages, and reports with advanced level summary graphs and drill-downs to extensive detail reports.


  • Decreased development time by creating significant Proofs of Concept (POCs) to demonstrate various advanced level concepts to solve difficult requirements.


  • Increased application security by developing the security mechanism used for data-level security between WebFOCUS and Teradata. This mechanism could also be used for application or report level security.


  • Increased user buy-in by creating significant dashboard applications with advanced level graphs detail reports.


  • Decreased development time by interfacing directly with the business users, end-users, and management to determine the scope, requirements, estimates, and project deliverables.


  • Decreased issue analysis and resolution tune by creating and maintaining complete application documentation.

  • Analyzed the original P&L Statements to discover incorrect calculations and corrected them in the newly converted reports.

WebFOCUS  Consulting

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