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WebFOCUS  Consulting

October 2017 - July 2019 ~ Two-month contract, Extended to 22 months.

Applications Engineer III / Sr. WebFOCUS Consultant at KGPCo, formally KGP Logistics.

Statement of Work:
•    Assisted the Information Technology Team in completing BI tasks, including the creation of portals, reports, charts, and all content

     for various Client projects as requested by Client.



•    Started with WebFOCUS 8.2.01 and upgraded to 8.2.04.


•    Worked with the IT Team on various administration tasks.

•    Created BI Rich applications to match their Data Rich information.

•    Created row-level security procedures to restrict access to several sensitive data sources.

•    Experience in full lifecycle of application design, development, implementation/rollout, and handling post-production support.  


•    Delivered parameter driven reports and charts, with drill-downs, and the portals in which they reside. 


•    Enjoyed the ability to work with a great, highly motivated, team with the skills in the full life cycle of applications development. 

•    Executed test procedures to ensure completeness and quality of reports.  

•    Worked closely with Business and Technical users to ensure all business requirements have been met. 


•    Enhanced my already proven track record of being able to plan, prioritize, estimate, and deliver projects on time.

Vendor Management KPI Page: Contains extensive drill downs to summary and detail reports. [2/1/2018]

First Portal: Vendor Tracking

Rolling Twelve Month / Year Over Year Comparison Chart


Week Over Year Comparison Charts with Matrix Reports. Matrix Reports version is below this one.

PMEP Charts 20190106 redacted.jpg

Matrix Reports version of the above Week Over Year Comparison Charts with Matrix Reports.

PMEP Reports 20190106 redacted.jpg

Product Management Tracking Report.

Year Over Year Charts and associated reports.

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