WebFOCUS  Consulting

Information Builders, Inc. (IBI) at US Bank Contingency Planning                                                                   
Independent Consultant: WebFOCUS Applications (two-month contract, including two extensions)
Project: Create The Contingency Planning Report Generation Application with GUI front-end.
Environment: WebFOCUS 714, MRE, Layout Painter, Oracle, HTML, MS Office, VPN, Intranet.


This was a total rewrite of the Corporate Contingency Plan, an application which provided the contingency plan for all US Bank facilities.


This was written in WebFOCUS and produced and delivered the multipage document to all specified users in under 40 seconds, my required execution/display presentation was less than 30 minutes from the time the facility was selected.


This application also includes a UI that provided a selection by state, city, facility, and cause for action (Bank robbery, fire, accident, etc.).

The data was stored in an Oracle database which was a plagiarized copy of the ‘Helpdesk’ database used by Oracle.  Thus we needed to fit all our fields into their structure.  That is to say that their structure was not designed for our use and the field formats did not fit our specifications.  Thus, I needed to load our data into their DB structure and field formats.  Many of the field elements, such as address fields/ groups, were spread out over several segments, using fields with similar formats to our fields.

BTW: I did not have access to real data or a system to use for the first eight days after I arrived on-site.  Thus, I did my analysis and wrote most of the code in NotePad while I waited for my system access.  I then copied my NotePad code into WebFOCUS and most of it worked, with the exception of a few correctable typos.