Worldpay: WebFOCUS Administrator

March 23, 2020 ~ Present


• Responsible for the installation, maintenance, implementation planning, and technical support associated with the WebFOCUS applications and environments.

• Responsible for all post-deployment support including problem management, service call resolution, proactive support, and troubleshooting as it relates to WebFOCUS.

• Manage WebFOCUS Server Sites, and perform all administration tasks for the BI tool. This includes job scheduling, deployment of code into production environments, and coordinating with developers to resolve issues.

• Establish and manage connections with other environments for obtaining data.

• Combine their solid background in WebFOCUS administration with strong customer relationship management skills including production monitoring, creative problem solving and proactive communications.

• Enjoy working as a member of a team and effectively work with different technical teams to pull together a unified approach to managing WebFOCUS.

Fidelity Investments

Software Engineer ~ WebFOCUS / BI Consultant

December 9, 2019 ~ March 20, 2020

Summary: Assist IT Team and Business Intelligence Users in completing tasks, from requirement concept to final implementation. This includes team representation, project estimation, design development, mentoring, standards development, troubleshooting, and support for production applications.

Main Achievements

• Created a Dynamic Synonym Creation Application to read the predefined history reports from the AWS S3 Cloud.

• Assisted the Fidelity Investment Team in completing BI tasks under the Agile development model.

​• Supported the Fidelity Investment Teams and Information Builders with the conversion of their existing physical architecture to the AWS S3 Cloud and upgrade to the most current release of WebFOCUS once that task is complete.

• Analyzed their BI Rich applications to match their Data-Rich environment in preparation for their Data Center Move.

​• Worked closely with Business and Technical teams to ensure all business requirements have been met their specifications. 

​• Enhanced my already proven track record of being able to plan, prioritize, estimate, and deliver projects on time.

KGPCo at CenturyLink

Senior WebFOCUS / BI Consultant

C/O: ComSource Consulting

Oct 2017 ~ July 2019

Two-month contract, extended to Twenty-Two Months


Summary: My responsibilities included assisting the Information Technology Team and Business Intelligence Users in completing tasks, including the creation of reports, charts, and portals for various client projects as requested by the client.

Mentored IT personnel and Business Developers in all aspects of WebFOCUS functionalities including InfoAssist, App Studio,

   Content and Portal creation, and more.

Created and supported business users with, advanced charts and reports with drill-downs.

Created and supported the BI Initiative with several new WebFOCUS portals and many new charts and reports.

Worked as part of the IT Team on Security and ETL / DataMigrator processes.

Went Head-to-Head with Tableau to ensure that WebFOCUS could do everything that was done with Tableau.

  WebFOCUS Exceeded what was done in Tableau, proving once again that "We can do that in WebFOCUS!"

DST Systems/Argus Health

Senior WebFOCUS BI Consultant

June ~ July 2017: Two-month contract
Summary: My responsibilities included bringing the internal stakeholders up to speed with the innovative technologies and knowledge base by developing and presenting standardization documentation, technical documentation, reports, charts,  training sessions, and one-on-one mentoring.

• Ensured the successful completion of the Cognos to WebFOCUS conversion within the required time frame.

• Worked with the business users and management to determine the SOW, estimates, requirements, and project deliverables.
• Analyzed specifications and Cognos applications, develop and test results.
• Created documentation for maintenance and support.
• Developed standards and best practices documentation
• Created presentations for Lunch-N-Learn sessions to WebFOCUS Developers and business users.

Dollar General Corporation

Senior WebFOCUS / Applications Developer

Jan 2011 ~ July 2017

Summary: My responsibilities included tasks from the MIS and other IT Applications Departments.

This includes, but not limited to the following: application development for IT and other departments, requirements acquisition, documentation (SOX/SDLC), QA and user test and acceptance, maintenance and support, and mentoring junior level programmers.


 Developed and maintained SDLC documentation for all facets of design, development, and testing.

 Partnered with senior management and business users to deliver numerous complex applications.

 Engineered advanced level reports and charts with extensive UX parameter pages, reporting, and drill-down capabilities.

Increased productivity by more than 50% by mentoring junior-level developers in the use of the WebFOCUS tools for application

   analysis and development.

 Reduced project completion time by as much as 75% by constructing reporting templates and standards.

 Transformed 200+ reports from BIRT and C++ to WebFOCUS 82 as the technical lead.

 Decreased processing time by at least 80% for the weekly and monthly reporting cycles by converting major applications from

   Oracle Reports to WebFOCUS. The reporting cycles generate and distribute 18K store and organizational level reports in

   approximately 20 minutes.

Bachelors Degree
in MIS/CIS Equivalent
Information Builders
Information Builders
Information Builders

Various Institutions: CIS Courses and Experience

• I've attended several MIS/CIS college/trade courses with a GPA or 3.86.

• My extensive experience is equivalent to a BS in MIS/CIS.

• Please contact me for details.

IBI Summit: Attended Ten Annual Conferences

I attended Summit as an Independent Consultant, at my own expense,  and representing IBI and other companies.

Summit provides the best of everything needed to ensure the success of consultants, like myself, and the clients that we serve.

I have attended Summit nine times, thus far, and will continue even if I need to pay my own way.  I have been with companies who found the value such that they paid my way.

WebFOCUS Bootcamp

This was a great training experience, of which I paid my fair share to attend. This was a two-week training seminar on what I called "Everything you need to know about WebFOCUS" with an extensive prerequisite which included the creation of an entire application. The final exam consisted of the creation of another, extensive, application. 

I graduated 'Top of the Class' and helped others to succeed.

This led to a great start of my WebFOCUS Only career, starting with Fidelity Investment. / Bank of America.

WebFOCUS Top Gun Training

This was a series of training sessions that taught all the points of FOCUS, the Core Language/precursor to WebFOCUS.

I attended these sessions while creating the Information Resource Management System (IRMS) for the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and Grumman Aerospace / Data Systems. I was the sole creator of IRMS.



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Information Builders: Independent Consultant
DST | Argus Healthcare: Sr. WebFOCUS Consultant
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Business Intelligence Solutions

WebFOCUS Tool Set

BI Applications Development

Microsoft Office, Visio, more

Business Intelligence (BI)

I've been providing successful BI Solutions to several major companies in a variety of industries during the past 20+ years.

I continue to serve the industries in need of world-class BI Solution to this day.


I was introduced to and started using FOCUS, the core language of WebFOCUS, in 1983.  It was there that I was the sole creator of an application for the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). I presented this application, live, to all associated parties, under budget and over a year before the required completion date.

Computer Information Systems

I've done most aspects of CIS, such as: building/refurbishing computers, installing personal and mainframe computers, mentoring personnel on everything from basic usage to applications development.