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Douglas Lee


Business Intelligence /

WebFOCUS Consultant

"No one can do everything. But if everyone does something then everything gets done" ~ Millicent

WebFOCUS  / BI Consulting

Available for my next contract

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Doug has implemented Custom BI Rich Applications for twenty plus clients in several large-scale industries using the latest releases of WebFOCUS. He did this to create several Custom BI Rich Applications. Doug brings the business user's requirements to reality using WebFOCUS and all associated technologies as he continually builds on his experience to ensure your success. He also supports those applications as required for his clients after he completes their assignments. He's a highly-motivated problem-solver who maintains a clear focus on the big picture while maintaining attention to the details of the user's requirements as well as their final expectations. His extensive experience and excellent communication skills, with all levels of personnel, ensure that world-class results are delivered to his clients.   Doug has concentrated his career on the FOCUS / WebFOCUS platforms to ensure successful design, development, and implementation of all BI Rich Applications. His BI / FOCUS / WebFOCUS career started when he was the sole Applications Developer of the Information Resource Management Systems (IRMS) while at Northrop / Grumman Aerospace Corporation.  IRMS was developed at the request of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) in record time and significantly under budget. ​He attributes much of his success to the fact that he enjoys using WebFOCUS to present the complexity of data in easy to understand BI Rich Applications.

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